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Monday, July 27, 2009

Leather Britches and Mora of da Flora

First da flora...don't you just love to speak Fwench?
Yes, I'm kiddin'. Of course. Of course.
A zinnia from the garden. Ze gardin. Yes, I agree, that's enough Fwench for one post.

Purple coneflower. I must have scared all the butterflies away with my Fwench. They usually love it...the flowers, that is. oO

I'm still pickin' beans from our two little seven-foot rows. I've already tired of canning them so I strung up about a peck of them. They're, now, called leather britches. Well, they're "leather breeches" north of the Mason-Dixon line, but here in the good ol' South.. leather britches. The flavor is different than when they're canned. They taste a lot stronger...and they're chewier. I'm a-thinkin' that's where the leather part comes in, but what do I know?
Would you like to see the inside of a blackberry cobbler? Of course, you're inquisitive and brilliant so here it is. After adding the top crust and was spectacular. Goodman and I like ours warm topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Have a good week, Y'all. :)


  1. Yay! I'm loving your garden more and more with each post.
    I had to look up 'cobbler' in the dictionary because it's my first time reading that word when talking about food. I must say it looks absolutely delicious!!
    And thanks for your suggestion about my bag. I think I will stick with the crocheted roses. :-)

  2. your blackberry cobbler looks sooooo yummy! I can almost taste it from here. Love your zinnias too.

  3. The zinnias are sublime, Mum.
    So's the cobbler, I just wish
    I could've had some. *sigh*

  4. my granny used to string leather britches
    and string peppers to dry!we must be

  5. Mmmmmm..... I'd like some cobbler, please! :)

  6. Love the french! Your flora is fabulous!! I've never seen beans done that way.It must be a southern thing. The cobbler looks yummy! Up here,when we put a top crust on, we call it pie. Our cobblers don't have a bottom crust. Funny how things are different in different parts of the country!fulanug

  7. Oh, my. Wonderful. And berry anything is comfort food to me.

  8. As my daughter would say "NUM YUMMY" Looks like you have had a very busy summer of growing losts of pretty and yummy things.

  9. Strung up green that's a new one for me. How long do they keep that way? Very interesting :)

    I made a blueberry pie this week which had a top, but I think I'll do it the cobbler way next time...Yum. I love homemade blueberry anything, especially pie or cobbler!!

  10. Your blackberry cobbler looks so yummy, may I have some, my mouth is asking for it. Hope your weekend is going great.


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