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Monday, July 20, 2009

Signs and Times

Gardening the old-fashion way. (Zinnias in one of our vegetable gardens.)I've been scratchin' and diggin' in the dirt and harvesting way more (emphasis on way) produce than expected and loving it to pieces. I haven't mention this before, but heretofore, we'd never planted by the signs. Yes. The signs.  With the economy wobblin' like a fresh egg on a brick wall in an earthquake epicenter, Goodman and I decided to till and plant by the signs in the heavens. We used a farmer's almanac as our guide for the best days to till, plant, water, weed, etc., and the result is well... simply astounding. And I have Biblical backup lest you think I've gone around the bend. Check out Genesis 1:14. There are over 30 tomatoes on this plant alone. You can count nearly 20 if you look closely at this one-sided view.Did you know according to the signs of the moon, etc., there are days that are best or worst for a a lot of different gardening related activities? Have you ever heard that potatoes should be planted in the dark of the moon?  Well, I'm convinced it's not. As a matter of fact I think it would be better classified as much needed wisdom.I was skeptical in the past, but truly, y'all, older folks know best. My garden, full of large healthy vegetables hangin' heavy on the plants speaks for itself...
Tell me, do you plant by the signs? We took a li'l trip up to Virginia over the weekend. Not far from where our youngest lives in Virginia there is a magnificent overlook view of Draper Valley. If any of you have the book, The Frontiersmen (Time Life or just look it up on the 'net.), there is a great, true-life story about the Draper family of Virginia in early American history.
Here's a picture of the historical marker (sorry about the angle) to offer a bit of the history.Hope your week is full of lots of plump, natural vegetables and everlasting wisdom from above. :)

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  1. my granny made kraut by the signs-
    you have living proof they work!
    pretty zinnias and veggies!
    good work!

  2. What varieties did you plant?
    they all look like winners !

  3. Hi Susan,
    The tomatoes are Rutgers for canning, of favorite. They've never done this well for me before though. One plant has over 40 'maters set on. The green beans are White Half Runners from seeds I'd saved about 9 years ago. The heirloom beans I really wanted to plant were all sold out when I went to get them. (Seems more folks than usual are in the gardening mood this year.) The watermelons are heirloom, but I can't remember which variety. Wait till you see the corn...heirloom Hickory King! Looks like it's tryin' to touch the clouds. ;)

  4. For those who didn't know,
    Farm Bureau usually has farmer's almanacs in the spring.
    At least, the ones up here do,
    and they seem very reliable.
    Walmart sells them, too. There's
    also at least one or two that are online.

  5. Wow! Yourgreen beans put mine to shame! Where can I learn to plant by the signs? Next year I'll use it for sure!

  6. I have to admit, I laughed at that egg image: some early settlers used brick, but they learned quick it crumbles in quakes. One of the things that struck me when we moved to California was the absence of brick buildings.

    Your garden looks wonderful!

  7. I'm an ignoramus when it comes to gardening and farming -and I had no idea you had to plant by the signs or the moon!- but your garden looks really wonderful to me. Also the zinnias picture is very beautiful. I'm learning a lot reading your blog! :-)

  8. How fun! I've said this before, but you always post the prettiest pictures.

  9. I had heard about planting by signs, there are references to this in the New Testament. I had heard you plant potatoes on St. Pat's day. Anyway, your blog and photos are great.

  10. Your garden is gorgeous and full of all kinds of yummy goodness! I love the zinnias too.

  11. Hi There, thanks for visiting my blog. I just love your zinnias and great vegetable pictures. I've bookmarkes your site so I can visit again.

  12. I never took planting by the signs seriously - til now. Might just have to try that next year.

  13. Zinnias are my all time favorite!! Yours are simply gorgeous as well as all of your other vegetables :)

  14. The pictures are geourgeous, and that zinnia is just amazing! Planting by the signs is an old practice and I think it's quite logical when you think how much the moon's gravity force affects our planet. Like you said, it's wisdom, learned through the years, in an agrarian society.

  15. Thanks for sharing this on The Green Thumb Thursday Blog Hop. We hope you will join us again this week!
    I have research planting by the signs but have not up to this point. My dad is a great believer in this and is always giving us tips on the best time to plant. He is often telling us about planting potatoes when the moon is dark.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. This is certainly the year to get serious about gardening and learning to provide for ourselves. Thank you for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop; I hope you'll join us again this Thursday. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead


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