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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summertime Doin's

Hey, Y'all. I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend. We had a good time, especially with the grandgals. Goodman bought fireworks (perfectly legal here) for them. They have some of the cutest things for kids like parachutes and colored smoke bombs..too cute. Otherwise, I've been immersed in the garden and more spring cleaning and..and...well, you get the picture.My four little ol' cucumber plants have blessed me with several dozen jars of pickles...well, I did the picklin' part myself, but the plants just keep makin' more cucumbers. These are lime pickles. I just followed the directions on the bag of lime I got in the canning section of the grocery store. They are quite good, but bread and butter pickles are my all-time favorite. I've made two batches of both kinds so far. I think I have enough to make a run of whole kosher dills this afternoon....Oh, my birthday was very swift. It's from Knitpicks and it works very well. And it looks like I got it in the nick 0' time. Goodman and I trekked up to Ohio on the 4th and met up with some friends at Treasure Aisles Flea Market just north of Cincinnati. We had a terrific time and found treasure after treasure. I found five skeins of this Irish Knittng Wool that is tied like most hanks of yarn are tied before they are twisted. I'm going to need the swift to wind it into balls for sure.Plus the same folks had these twenty packages of wool. Each package contains 2 balls of pure wool in worsted weight. 80 ounces of wool in the sealed packages. I'm still stunned over this find. I paid $9 for all of the yarn. Somebody pinch me. I found these very cool Japanese lantern style patio lights for $3 and this hinged-lid tin to add to my collection for $3.25.
I'm still working on the lace border for my shawl. I've go one last skein of yarn to go. I'm hoping I can finish it before the yarn runs out.
Hope your week is a good 'un. :)


  1. What fun stuff! Enjoy all of your yarn. :)

  2. What great finds! You did very well at the flea market.
    Bread and butter are on of my all time favorites. Yummy!

  3. Wow!! You have some great finds here!!

    I was at a LYS, and she had one of these yarn swifters--amazing, isn't it??

    Pickles--my girls and I are hoping to make some 7 day dills this summer. Unlike you, I have to go and BUY my cucumbers--didn't have time to get any plants in this spring!!

    I have a question--I'm TRYING to make a baby afghan for my new granddaughter due in November. There is an eyelet section to this, and I seem to be doing a reverse yarn over the wrong way!! I keep ending up with "X's" instead of an eyelet. Can you help me out? I've tried different ways on swatches, and no luck.

    Or maybe it's just time to find a new pattern and toss this one!


  4. reminds me of the pickle episode on the Andy Griffith show! Those look like blue ribbon winners ! Pretty
    jar of pickles!

  5. Great company, delicious food, plenty of yarn and good stuff. What else do you need? Happy belated birthday!

  6. Lime pickles, second only to garlic kosher dills..btw, thanks for the 2 pints of "limeys," Mum.
    I see your Roses of Sharon are doin' well, my little 'withs' ain't that far.
    Ohio looks to've been well worth it, them's great colors. Huzzah to brights!
    That shawl edgin' is par excellence. I can't wait to see it done.

  7. Cool!

    And our house's former Japanese owners put in a hanging lamp with one of those paper lantern covers on it. Watching it swing was how I knew one time we'd just had a small earthquake rather than that noise being a truck going past nearby. (It rumbles about the same.)

  8. Wow the view in your header is just beautiful! I love your shawl the border is really pretty. You made me a little homesick there. My grandpa used to make the best pickles. YUM Homemade ones are so much better than store bought ones. That's a great buyon the yarn, and I love the colors. Hope that your new swift comes in handy. Happy belated birthday!!!

  9. Happy belated birthday my friend. Your swift is wonderful, I myself want one!:o) Your garden is indeed granting you an abundance of pure goodness!:o) The pickles look delicious! your lace shawl is coming along beautifully. Continue to enjoy your garden.:o)



  10. Bread and butter pickles, yum, my favourite! and I love cucumbers in any form.

    Your swift is lovely and your yarn - well that is one big amazing find. It's like a birthday week of delights for you and well deserved.

  11. Happy be-lated birthday! If I'd known you were coming to Ohio, I would have come to Cincy to meet you. You found some great finds!

  12. Happy Birthday a little on the late side :) sorry :(

    Oh, boy did you break the bank with that yarn find!! Lucky you :) Great colors...I'll be watching to see what you do with all of it!!

    happy knitting or whatever....


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