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Friday, October 30, 2009

Cherohala Skyway Road Trip

Goodman and I took a little road trip last weekend in search of some fall color.
The Cherohala Skyway is a beautiful two-lane roadway that stretches from Tellico Plains in Tennessee to Robbinsville, North Carolina. It runs through the Cherokee National Forest on the Tenn. side and through the Nantahala National Forest on the N. Carolina side. Can you see where they got the name Cherohala for the road? Cherokee is a Muskogee word that means "speakers of another language."The drive is just beautiful in the fall..
We started out from Tellico Plains on our side of the skyway.
All along the way we drank in the autumn hues.
We stopped at several overlooks to take pictures.
A very enjoyable little trip.
Nantahala means "land of the noonday sun."
The highest point of the skyway is in North Carolina at Santeetlah. By the time we reached this point the leaves were all gone so we headed back toward home with one more stop along the way.
On the way up the skyway we were talkin' and missed the turn to Bald River Falls so we went by there on the way back down. This picture was taken from our vehicle. It's a drive-by falls, Y'all. - Gotta love it.
I finished the Fetching Mitts and they're on the way to a new home. Now, I think I may have to rummage through the UFO bin soon and make myself work on something from there. My conscience is just tearin' me to pieces over so many unfinished projects. Ah well, we'll see if my conscience or what I want to knit next wins out. The grandgals were here visiting this week, and Goodman took the oldest along with him on a trip to Tractor Supply Co. Nearby is a pumpkin stand so he let her pick out a pumpkin to take home with them. Hmm...I don't know if I'm a fan of this "colorway" or not. o.O I'm glad I'd already gotten them a plain-jane orange one. Have a great week, Y'all.


  1. What beautiful pictures! I really can't think of anything prettier than trees in the fall.

  2. Oh, how cool! Beautiful pictures, and I love a pumpkin with character.

  3. Wow, how beautiful! What a lovely scenery! I just see palm-trees everywhere and some evergreen trees in orchards if I take a road trip.

    I better finish my UFOs too but many patterns are tempting me out there. I like how your mitts turned out, maybe I should try to knit me a pair?

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. I just missed you! We were at the KOA in Telico Plains from Tuesday to Thursday last week. We drove the skyway, too and it was beautiful!!

  5. Beautiful colors -- we're verging on past peak here in NJ, so it was especially nice to see your part of the country!

  6. Hey Tea, oh I do love the mountains in the fall. Been too long since I've seen them in person!! Thanks for the lovely pics. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Only 26 more days until the wedding!! Oh, yes, your mitts are beautiful!! :) Talk soon!

  7. These pictures are so beautiful, I love to see mother nature in all her color in the fall. Hope you had a great Halloween.

  8. I was fishing Tellico River Friday!
    pretty leaves ! I too have unfinisher
    guilt!I will ship all my unfinished
    projects to you- what is that
    mailbox address?????? try and get them back to me before Christmas !

  9. That was some nice scenery, there on
    the Skyway. That was some waterfall,
    Thanks for the mitts, they're
    workin'. Now I just need some cold
    weather so I can wear them outside the house, too:D

  10. I love the pics of your trip! Fabulous beauty! I wish I lived near mountains!! I think I'm the happiest when I visit them.
    Strange looking pumpkin colors!

  11. What a beautiful post! The photos are simply breathtaking. All those lovely autumn colors are amazing.

    I am loving those mitts! One day, and I mean one day soon I will knit me a pair with a beautiful gusset just like yours.:o) Chat with you soon.



  12. Wow if you say it's a pumpkin I'll take your word for it! I've never seen one this color. LOL. I'll enter you in the giveway since you included a pumpkin in your Fabulous Fall post! Thanks for linking!


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